What Technicals & Sentiment Warn About That Fundamentals May Not

A stock’s fundamentals are the most important thing. But they don’t always tell the whole story.

Today, I’m going to show you examples where the fundamentals threw up no red flags, yet the technicals and sentiment could have helped you to avoid 30-50% drops within a year or under.

It’s why, in the Logical Investor newsletter, I use a three-pronged approach: fundamentals (firstly), technicals and sentiment.

However, when the fundamental test is passed but the technicals/sentiment throw up warning signs…we pass on the investment until they all align. In doing so, we can have our cake and eat it to, so to speak as we get into a fundamentally healthy company at a much better price and with much more reasonable sentiment (or even bearish sentiment, which is preferred).

Listen in and I’ll share more.

God bless!