Why The Women Who Dare To Delve Into Investing Tend To Do Very Well

Over 20 years of having both clients and subscribers, I’ve noticed a trend that I want to share with you today.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve dealt with literally hundreds of thousands of people, concerning their investing. And over that time, I’ve noticed something. In general, women tend to shy away from investing, while men tend to gravitate towards it.

But some men are drawn to it for the thrill, the excitement, and the chase of it all. Nonetheless, if someone asks you who’s a typical investor…it’s a male that’s roughly 40-75 years of age.

But what I’ve learned is that for the females who will dare to delve into investing, I believe they’ll surprise themselves. Why?

As we know, men and women are different…and I’m not just talking about body parts. The way we are made up mentally and psychologically differs too.

Men can tend to be loners/independent investors while female investors tend to seek counsel more, on average. I think its because men can easily let their ego lead the way, whereas women don’t fall prey to that as easily.

Women tend to be gatherers and so they can easily focus on many things at once, whereas men tend to zero in on one thing at a time. This mental juggling that women tend to do more easily than men can help them to take into account many different variables of an investment more easily (whether we’re talking about fundamental metrics or technicals, etc.). This gives them an edge that they don’t typically realize.

As we all know, men have far more testosterone in their bodies than ladies and it tends to make us more aggressive. Well, that tends to show up in our investing as well. If we’re not careful, us men can take unnecessary risks, leverage, be prone to speculate/gamble, etc., whereas women tend to be more conservative investors and this tends to work out more in their favor throughout long periods of time.

So it’s not that by default women are great investors or that by default men are not. We all know many successful male investors. So I’m not stereotyping or painting all males or females with the same brush.

But what I am saying is that there are some natural advantages that women have as investors due to the way their naturally wired up. This can become a great advantage if they allow it to be.

NOW…there is of course one big disadvantage that the ladies have to fight off. I bet you can guess it: Emotions!

It’s no secret that, generally speaking, women tend to be more emotional than men…whereas men tend to be a little more naturally analytical. That’s where our edge comes in. But if the ladies learn to keep their emotions in check and rely upon measurable metrics like we use in the Logical Investor newsletter (such as fundamentals, technicals and sentiment), then they can certainly tackle this potential weakness.

In real-life, I’ve dealt with many female investors through the years, and its been my observation that they tend to be much better investors than they ever thought they’d ever be. They really do end up surprising themselves.

Because they can take into account many variables at once, invest conservatively and seek counsel, they tend to do very well over time.

So if you’re a lady that’s reading this and you’ve always felt intimidated by the topic of investing…I’d say, you may be getting all worked up for nothing. I believe you’ve got a great shot at being a successful investor!

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I think in general, females are under-invested. And I believe many times it’s because they feel intimidated by the topic. But as you that have followed me for any length of time know…investing can be much simpler than many have made it out to be.

At the Logical Investor, I’ve got MANY female subscribers that invest very well. I encourage you to join us too. I believe you’ll love the camaraderie of the other ladies on the site that are learning about investing at the same time that you are. I think you’ll find the investing community there to be very helpful and accommodating to you.

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God bless!