One Of My Most Valuable Tools In Analyzing Trends: Elliott Waves

Want to know when a downtrend may be coming closer to its end? Or how about when an uptrend may be nearing its end?

Check out the recent video I just filmed where I talk about ways to quantify the stages of each uptrend and downtrend and the sentiment associated with each of those stages.

This is just one piece of my triangular, three-pronged approach to investing. The first and most important facet to measure is the fundamental strength of a company and its valuation. Secondly, we can look to the charts also known as technical analysis. And thirdly, we can assess the sentiment of the masses.

Well, what I like about the tool that I’m sharing with you today is that it assesses the latter two and even helps us to know when a stock or index could potentially be trading at a fundamental value or when that same asset may be overpriced.

So check out today’s video. I believe you’re going to enjoy it.


Here’s the HD version: