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  • Sean HymanSean Hyman
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    If you solely wait for an email to pop into your email box before going to the site, there will be times you miss a lot. Case in point is today. Some things I posted yesterday are just now coming through as emailed alerts today. So, the things I said yesterday about European markets, for instance, are coming through today, as if I’m referring to them that way today.

    In other words, sometimes email alerts have hiccups and they’re delayed, due to the email plugin company having delays or your email provider having some delays, etc. It’s why I encourage you to not allow these to be a crutch but rather just a nice help/bonus.

    Make a habit of going to the site regularly and refreshing your browser to see if I’ve posted or if others have posted. Additionally, if an email plugin company took away our ability to have these alerts, you’d still be in the habit of checking the actual site. Just leave a tab up on your browser with the LI site running on it. Click over and refresh your browser. There will be times when there’s timely info that you’ll wish you’d have seen earlier. Sometimes, it can cost you dollars and cents if you don’t develop that habit.

    Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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    Yep saw that. I thought why is he bashing Europe again today while the Stoxx50 is up 1.05% which is more than Nasdaq, Dow, S&P500 al together… ūüôā But luckily I saw the date of the mail which was Monday and remembered the mail was about a post I read already on the forum yesterday/Monday.

    Good advice, never rely on technology which can get broken, full queues, licenses expired, certificates expired and all other IT problems…

    My way of working: I have bookmarked and active open pages on 3 systems which I check regularly during the day and night depending where I am: on laptop, iPad and iPhone. The emails are for me only alerts on iPhone to alert me when on the road. They don’t give notifications on laptop and iPad as I go crazy if I get them 3 times at home…

    This way of working works great for me and is quite reliable. There is too much money at stake to depend on an email alert only indeed.

    Sean HymanSean Hyman
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    Yep, that final sentence is so important: There is too much money at stake to depend on an email alert only…

    So true.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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