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    Sean, Just curious if you think Senators Burr, Loeffer, Feinstein & Inhofe should go to trial since they sold stock knowing ahead of time what was about to happen with the Virus and making 100K+ and more? Isn’t that pretty much what Martha Stewart was tried for and served time in jail?

    Sean HymanSean Hyman
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    Unfortunately, politicians do this all the time. It’s not just now. If you track their net worths going in and coming out of Congress, it’s FAR more than the $150k, etc. that they make in income. They are privy to tons of non-pubic info and many act on it. Are they supposed to? No. But they are policing themselves and who’s going to turn each other in and wreck the party? So, it’s unfortunate, but it’s always been this way. It’s just that more people are apt to find out about it these days, than in former days.

    But, I don’t think anyone should have any advantage, information wise, over another. No.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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