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Bauka, how are you figuring your return? Are you believing what your broker says, or are you computing it yourself?

The reason I ask is, if your broker considers your shares as FIFO (first in, first out) then they will be computing a higher average share price after selling 1/2 than you might want to use. I also got in in 2017 when LI first started. I missed the dip for the second tranche, so I only have 1 in (actually, I have 2 x 1/2 tranches in, as I doubled my tranche size later on, but I didn’t materially lower my entry price). My break-even price is USD$14.55.

I sold 1/2 for a 48% return, but did not recalculate my average share price. I’m currently looking at 74% on the remaining shares. If you really have 39% and you got in at the beginning, something seems wrong.

Also, consider the time factor of our holdings. The first half was sold just over 2 years for an annualized return of 23%. My remaining shares are at an annualized return of 20%. So despite looking like a massive return on the remaining shares, it’s about the same year-over-year return as the 1/2 we sold.

Hope that helps.