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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Energy reduction collectively does help a good bit for the bulk of the nation, just not for us in Texas. We’re on our own power grid here in Texas and the rest of the country is on another one. As Texans cut back, it can help.

It’s literally zero degrees here right now, I’m thankful my house is well insulated enough that it still kept us warm through the night. Burning my nat gas fireplace now. Using my electric heater in my office for as long as we have electricity. So far, we still have most water. I did have a couple freeze up on the hot side of the faucet but I still have the cold side, which I was dripping.

If you’re in Texas and have water, you should fill up water jugs, just in case a water main breaks and cuts off water to you.

Just know, the rolling blackouts continue today. So, there will be huge gaps where I literally won’t have electricity or internet to communicate with you guys.