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Rolling blackouts to extend to tomorrow as well. So there will be periods where I’m without electricity and internet. So far, they’ve been cycling on for about an hour and off for about an hour. But they’ve also said that they may have to increase how much its off.

No snow today but the its cold enough to retain the snow from the other day and that will continue through at least Friday. Wednesday is likely another snow day.

We may peep above freezing on Friday at/near the highs of the day. But we don’t really get into the clear until Saturday/Sunday of this week.

Right now, the temperature has been between 3 degrees and 12 degrees on the low/high. That’s super cold for Texas. Also, in Texas, we had a separate power grid from the rest of the nation. Most of the time that’s a good thing. Not sure it is in this particular instance though.

Some wind turbines are frozen and some well heads are frozen. So, less supply and increased demand.

Be sure to help each other this week, especially since there will be gaps of time where I cannot be online due to no electricity and no internet on and off for a number of hours out of the day/night.

The good news is that you know all entry prices and averaging down zones, which are at the bottom of each monthly newsletter in the Members Area tab. And in each newsletter you know targeted areas of where the stock/ETF could go up to.

You also know that anytime you have unusual profits, you can take them. So, the good part is that you already know everything you need to know, as far as our positions.

Thankfully, I’m able to stay warm. I’ve got a natural gas fireplace in the living room and an electric fireplace in my office, that I run when the electricity is on. So I’m never cold. Only inconvenienced by the blackouts…but there are bigger problems in this world. So, I keep it all in perspective. Thank God I have a roof over my head…a well insulated new house. Two forms of energy to it. Plenty of food/water, etc. We’re blessed.