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Leslie HarvathLeslie Harvath
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I think of those placed Limit Buys for Ave Down tranches as a budget. If I can’t get into a newly recommended position w/ 3 tranches, I know I can’t afford it. There is nothing more nerve-racking than sitting on only 2 tranches and the price is heading toward the 3rd tr point w/o funding–been there, done that when I first got re-engaged w/ lots of cash tied up in old OWR positions. I’ve “robbed Peter to pay Paul” a couple of times by canceling the 3rd tranche Limit Buy w/ a far-off target in hopes I get the funds by the time it reaches it. It is not a great way to sleep at night. The only way that I’ve seen around it was to ask Sean if he thought a target might not be hit because of being in Wave 3 or 5 w/ no possibility of pullback (EWW @ $23 is a good example). I never want to fool myself into thinking, “It can never go that low”, because, invariably, it will.