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Yep. Even most metals guys don’t know about currencies. I worked in the currency market for the largest retail forex/currency market maker. Taught currency trading, etc.

Most financial professionals don’t have a clue when it comes to currencies, no matter how experienced they are in other markets. Therefore, 90% of what’s written out there will be junk because its someone that has no experience in that market.

I’m hoping that soon, KHC will breakout of its long range (ascending triangle) on its daily chart and march higher. Its latest earnings report and sale of its nuts business is a step in the right direction.

LPL is stretched to the upside, but ultimately, over time should do well…with some very volatile pullbacks along the way.

With CIG/MBT, you’re probably not adding up the huge dividends each year to that. Remember, MBT has an Exxon-like yield.

DBA/RIG should benefit from the rise in commodities and downtrend in the dollar.

Glad you’ve got high cash levels and have made some huge gains lately.