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Kenatech: You’re listening to bad information. Most people who write about currencies have never worked in the currency markets. They’re just fearmongerers.

Why is a swift depreciation not likely? 1) because they can do currency interventions. 2) Because most central banks of the world own large % of dollars and they don’t want to screw themselves over and impoverish themselves. 3) Buffett is very much “in the know” in the billionaire’s club and he’s comfortable holding more money in cash than you or I will ever see. 4) rapid depreciations cause hyper-inflation and that’s every central bank’s nightmare.

People who right about resets don’t have good sense and they haven’t studied the history of currency markets.

The quality of the info you feed yourself is akin to the quality of food you consume. Don’t listen to the quacks. There are many of them out there with a suit and tie on.