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AvatarMichael Hornback
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Without a doubt. I have recommended it both here and to other friends who are investing but not a part of LI. (I’ve had 2 friends previously subscribe to your newsletter also (UWR previously and now LI). I have a few others who have taken down the information about your site and are considering joining.) You bring a combination of integrity with knowledge, experience, skill and wisdom that is both hard to find and very valuable. Far more than the price you charge for your products and services. Really appreciate that you have made all that accessible to the little guy and that we can continue to invest into more of your offerings as we learn and profit from the basics. Thanks so much!

And to anyone who is considering Sean’s options book, get it. Follow his instructions and you are very likely to recoup your investment in the first 1-3 trades. Even if those are for single contracts.