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Charles, if you have an amazing percentage gain on SLV, you can take profits on it too if you like. Even metals can initially sell-off with stocks. They just bounce back much better if they do sell-off.

Lee: Think in terms of equal dollar amounts invested rather than how many shares. Each of our tranches lower has more shares bought, yet at cheaper prices, yet the same dollar amount invested in each tranche.

Yes, a downtrend gives you time to save and get better prices later on.

You can invest in some of the highest yielders now. But just know and expect them to go down through the downtrend BUT also know that gives you better shots at getting averaging downs in very high dividend yielders too.

Yes, the downtrend in 2008 was a little over a year. The one in 2000 was a long, 3 years. One can never know ahead of time how quickly each downtrend will unfold. They can all be at different speeds/paces.

In 2008, the Fed and Treasury were quicker to act after they saw how bad and how long the 2000 crash was. So IF monetary and fiscal policy is stepped up earlier, than it may not be as long as the ones in the past. But that’s a guess. No one knows how/when they’ll respond and by how much.