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URA is fundamentally cheap, with an average P/E of 10 and does look to be in a new uptrend. However, its a very niche market that I don’t know as much about and we have plenty of commodity-type exposure in our portfolio.

Does it likely go higher, ultimately? Probably so. But one would want an entry closer to moving averages ($11-$12ish) rather than where it is now in the $17ish area.

So, those are general thoughts. Not a recommendation. Also, I don’t encourage people to get more weighed in commodities right now, since we have plenty of exposure in that area, in solid assets that are broader-based and pay huge dividend yields. So I think they’re a better place.

Also, many of their stocks trade in Canada and South Korea. I’m not as much of a pro on their stocks. So, I do like Warren Buffett does and remain within my circle of competence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vHq9d0bE06s

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