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Tim Sheets, Dutch’s brother is also very good.

Christiaan, I 1st listened to Kim’s actual video from 2004 in October of 2020; of course at that time, I did not fully understand the “two presidents” part. Thank you for attaching the video referencing it.

God has a very special love for us & I hope that during this Month of Love (February – Valentines) we will be able to soak his love in & reflect on it & then send it back to Him.

There is no doubt that He will not leave the world (us) in it’s current situation & that he has a Perfect Plan & a Perfect Timing for our deliverance. And that during this time; he will clean the rust & decay off of us & then shine us up, as we are a Tool in His hands to reach the world.

Another Good Video which covers what we need to do until his plan comes about. https://youtu.be/4pZNi3cyaPM; YouTube video: DO NOT ACQUIESCE! GET YOUR HOPE ON THE OFFENSE!