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Yeah, things like wheat, soybeans and corn are already in their next uptrend. That should continue to bode well for DBA.

The downside of these uptrends is that it will make food prices higher which will likely cause more unrest among the poor and squeeze middle class budgets more, in time. In time, it could cause more civil unrest. Same thing if oil trends too high in price.

As costs of living rise, relative to incomes, it leaves less discretionary spending and some in these groups will feel that they’re just “working to live”. It could end up bringing about a lot of turmoil before its all said and done.

And when you combine rising costs of living with eventually, plunging stock portfolios (due to the bear market), it could really get ugly.

Will we be prepared? Yes. We own some commodity-stocks that actually can benefit from the rise in commodities and we have cash to take advantage of a market downtrend, and we increased our income slightly by our large dividend stocks. But this period won’t feel good to anybody.

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