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REITS ran up like everything else and is not at a value at all. They’re poised to fall too.

We don’t invest in stuff that needs a president or government to make it work, or work better. So I don’t invest off of government programs, government stimulus.

I never ask myself, “What does Biden want?” and invest accordingly. A system designed around politics/Congress, presidents, etc. will be fickle and hit-or-miss at best.

So what will we do under a Biden administration? The same thing we did under Trump. Obama, Bush, etc. Look for companies with strong fundamentals and cheap fundamentals. Then look for great entry points into those companies through technicals/sentiment and use averaging down.

The system never changes, no matter who’s president or what party is in more control. That’s the beauty of the system. We don’t have to shake up our portfolio or change a strategy just because the wind blew a different direction in politics.

I’d take the focus from politics/policies/administrations and put it back on fundamentals, technicals, sentiment.

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