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Karuna, I’ve been following the dialog with Sean and as a pastor of one congregation for 35 years I have personally witnessed the bubble phenomenon. And would like to share one observation. I began as a pastor in June of 1986 and watched one hardworking business owner put everything into the market in the rise that lead to the crash of October, 1987. I knew literally next to nothing about the stock market, but I knew a “drop” was coming ( I didn’t even know of the term crash). I warned him to set aside some profit and watched as he kept investing and eventually lost it all, lost all profit and initial investment. It was the first time I had ever seen such a thing and that impression has stayed with me these more than 30 years. I suggest you re read the exchange and reconsider the invaluable insights and experience of Sean’s replies. He right. Now as an investor I can personally say that not only did I not suffer in the steep crash of March of 2020, but actually was very profitable because I heeded his warnings, as I am doing now. Peace, Rev. MichaEl Hirsch