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Leslie, Piano Man, Sleep 25 and Sean — Thanks to each of you for your comments! I can think of no other place where we can safely share the things we have in this thread alone today — Gratitudes Sean.

God says we should thank him for our troubles — and to appreciate what an opportunity those troubles are for us to be more intimate with him. Well, it didn’t feel that way when i had to make so many of the decisions I had to make with my daughter I can tell you that! I told her at the time that someday she would understand that I made those decisions because I love her not because I was punishing her. I often felt I stood alone in the world in those hard times.. But — I can tell you now that indeed I thank God for those hard times!! Just today I had my daughter checking out potential investment properties in the area she lives — she was very astute in her assessments, why, why not on each piece and it brought me such pleasure knowing what indeed lies on the side of turning things over to God and letting his plan unfold.

Thanks for your comments and to new subscribers — Seans work is a blessing to so many aspects of our lives!!