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Karuna: Watch how it all ends and see how many retain their money. You’re in the middle of the story right now. But its ending is not good. I’ve seen these play out in 2000 and in 2008. And I’ve studied all of the previous ones that I didn’t live through. They all unfold somewhat the same. It’s just that each one has a new crowd in it that was never in the previous crashes and never saw it coming.

There are already articles coming out about how that crowd lost their butts on GME, BBBY, AMC, NOK, KOSS, etc.

GO back and watch my video on the crashes where tech stocks were doing the same thing they are today in the 2000 crash.

I didn’t advise you to try to place a position for a top and down market.

Karuna, tulip bulbs did the same thing as bitcoin is doing. In the end, they found out it was just a tulip and shouldn’t be worth as much as a house.

They claim its a currency, but hardly anyone uses it as such. And if they did, you’d never know your purchasing power day to day due to its wild swings. They’ll find out that it’s not “digital gold” either. It’s just a unique string of numbers that was invented a few years back.

I also called the last two bitcoin crashes.

But you’re free to invest your money as you see fit. You can be as risky as you want to with it. That’s not my call to make with your money.

My job is to show people how to create sustainable wealth over time. Some will get that. Some won’t. And I’m okay with that.

People doubt value the most at market tops when public optimism is at its highest.

But don’t take my word for it. Study booms and busts. Don’t just live in the time you know. You’ve either got to know stock market history OR trust someone that does,