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With value investing, you buy low and hold until you get your profit. So, the sold ones are the ones we got our profits on (and CHL was a forced sell from the US delisting some Chinese stocks).

But I’m very open, in the weekly videos and on the forums about what can happen on the downside for our stocks before they go up.

She’s right in that there will be a massive crash in US stocks. And in that season, we may depend more upon our dividend income through that time and our stock profits may take longer because we’re swimming upstream against the trend.

Forex is undoubtedly the toughest market. 1) It’s levered. 2) It’s super easy for market makers to stop you out on a quick spike. 3) You can’t really fundamentally tell when a currency is undervalued/overvalued, like you can for a stock. 4) Time is not on your side in currencies. It’s almost impossible for someone to buy a forex position for a year or two, because of the wild swings over that time and because of the rollover interest/daily that can sometimes be against them. Stocks, which are not traded on margin, do not have those handicaps.

You’ll find I don’t over-hype anything. I don’t sell sexy stories or “the next Apple” or tell people we’re going to make 1000%, etc. to sell newsletters. I’m open about our downside as well as our upside. And I let the results and people seeing my transparency/honesty sell my newsletters for me. The industry says its impossible to make money that way. I’m proving them wrong. This model is best for the people. Their model is best for the publisher and newsletter writer.

I’ve long learned from Zig Ziglar and Keith Craft, that if I take care of my people first, I don’t have to worry about taking care of myself. They’ll do it for me, through being with me as subscribers for a very long time, buying other things I produce, etc.

By the way, one thing I greatly admire about the Chinese are the margin they have between what they make and where they set their cost of living, so that they can save big-time. America needs more of that. I teach about that in The Six Keys To Financial Success in the Store tab on the site.

You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.

Zig Ziglar