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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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Thanks Michael Hornback for sharing your testimony. It takes courage to say these things. I know this prophetic dimension is very important especially in stocks, as it has to do with the future. Below some of my thoughts and beliefs triggered by your post.

The first scenario that Biden is inaugurated next week is a smooth scenario with not so much turmoil or volatilaty in the markets. And a smooth transition to a Biden/Harris government. That is why so many people like that scenario. Smooth and peacefully.

The second scenario that Biden will not become president because of the voterfraud and China foreign bribery, is a disruptive scenario, with big ups and downs in the markets. Market manipulation will be huge. The beast (mentioned in Revelations) will not surrender without fighting back. Remember for example that March 2009 S&P500 crash to 666 points, the number of the beast.

I think the second scenario is more likely. Because there is no democracy or republic left if you can cheat your votes and can be bought by foreign powers. My God will not allow that anymore, I believe. Nor the army will allow that. So I stopped all dividend capturing and options plays this week to brace for the impact of next week.

Because of this second scenario there will be big ups and downs this year. The big market drop Sean has been mentioning for years might very well happen in 2021 because of this second scenario. Maybe multiple times. (It won’t in the first smooth, peaceful scenario.) At the end of the year we will be back roughly at the same stock market level as now.

So this gives a lot of opportunities for averaging down in our LI positions. As we have many crash resistant, value stock positions in the LI portfolio we will prosper a lot. It also gives huge opportunities for traders and option traders. So I am very hopeful this volatility will help us big.

In addition, in the second scenario a lot of things will be corrected in the coming 4 years. In the financial systems, FED, gold standard, in the voting systems eg. blockchain voter ID. The beast will be dismantled and a tremendous wealth shift will follow from the banksters, politicians, criminals to We The People. All stolen money will be confiscated and go back to the legal owners.

So it will be a very good time, with a lot of hope for God’s people. It will last for at least 20 years. Next week will be crucial not only for the US but the whole world. This is what I learned from several prophets after thoroughly testing their voices, spirits and ideas. It gave me a lot of hope, removed fear and gave me the courage to brace for the impact of coming weeks.