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Leslie HarvathLeslie Harvath
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In addition to Robert & Scott’s resources, I’m attaching an LI portfolio spreadsheet with all our current positions and areas to enter your positions & tranches along with any notes on the position (also SOLD & SPLIT areas and Dividend log on a separate tab). I keep notes from the videos, articles, forums (3rd wave; expect a pullback; expects to reach $130s; 1st resistance $36-$42; expect high volatility, etc.). This is based on $3k positions ($1k/tr) that can easily be overridden by going into the cells and changing the formulas. It will calculate your average share cost, profit by $ and % with an area for Dividend accumulated, etc. (includes examples).

If Excel is not your thang or you’d like help customizing your portfolio (mine includes old UWR positions that I’ve not yet exited), please let me know & I’ll be more than happy to help you. ūüôā

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