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If I may offer my own experience in a similar situation. Until recently I’ve Had my 401K invested in mutual funds with a large corporate broker. Over the decades I’ve lost from 30 to 50% during significant downturns. Very slow recovery, but never recovered 100%. I’ve always had a hankerin to rollover my corporate managed retirement account into a self-managed acct. I felt I could do better with the right guidance but didn’t have the knowledge or the confidence.
I’ve been with Sean about 6 years and in that length of time I have doubled my money thanks to Sean’s guidance.
Recently, in light of current events and the prospects for our future, and my investment gains with Sean, I rolled over my corprate managed acct (moved to cash) and transferred it to different broker that allows self-managed retirement accts.
I know past performance is not a promise of future returns, but I made my decision, after prayerful thought, and the positive outcome of my 6 year experience of following Sean’s leadership. I initiated a transfer of 100% of my retirement acct into my self-managed rollover IRA. I’m confident in Sean’s leadership and his stewardship, and his perspective on investment. I believe we can beat the 5 to 15% return of the corporate managed system. Plus, I now have control of the decisions.

Yours is a tough decision to make. Don’t rush. Talk about it and pray about it. AMEN