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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Yep, we’ve had many conversations about this on the forum. You can always search them out using the search field at the top of the forum. But, in short, I don’t believe we go back to a gold standard. Why? Central banks lose the control and ability to print money. I don’t ever seen them giving up what they’ce controlled for so long. So, while it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if we did return to a gold standard, for currency stability, purchasing power stability and for global confidence in our dollar to return…but I don’t see that day coming. The good news? We don’t have to figure that out though or be right on it to make money with our system. Values would be had/found under a gold standard and not under a gold standard.

Not sure why you liquidated your entire portfolio, especially before inquiring on the forum. Liquidating SLV, you’ll find likely cut you off from what could become our biggest % gain in our portfolio. I’d mentioned over and over again not to sell that one, even if up a lot.

Bitcoin and cryptos are crap. They were just invented a number of years ago. They’re just a unique string of numbers. They’re not “currencies” because no one’s really buying anything with them, materially and their price fluctuates too much to be taken seriously as a currency. For instance, if you’d used bitcoin as a currency yesterday, it would have cost you 20% more in your purchases of goods/services than it did the very day before. It’s in a bubble that will pop and unstable.