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Sometimes there is more value to the stability of your family in staying in a house that suits you well, than the money you can make by selling, and not knowing how long you will be in a temporary rental waiting for the market to crash, then trying to find another house that suits you as well. Two moves in a short time can be very disruptive to a family. But if you have only been in a house a short time, and your family has no real attachments to the neighborhood yet, it can make sense to take a huge profit. The dynamics of each family are different, and to some their house is more of a home than just an investment. Everyone has to weigh the pros and cons of a decision like this; it’s a little different than selling stocks with the intent of buying them back at lower prices. Selling a stock has no direct effect on your family’s life. I turned down a couple of job moves in order to not disrupt my family, and never regretted it.

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