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No. We won’t be re-entering USO. Why? Because we have plenty of oil sector exposure and secondly because it pays no dividend/income yet our other oil-related positions do pay dividends. Our other oil-related positions will benefit from the continued uptrend.

SLV has a massive % swing difference and is so early on, in its uptrend. With oil, we’re likely well into wave 3. With SLV, we’ve either not started it yet (with a double zig zag wave 2) or we’re in the very early stages of a wave 3. Also, SLV went parabolic and gave a huge return in a short amount of time because of that parabolic move. I knew the likelihood of a huge % pullback was very likely. So we sold half and kept half, for the next up-wave, wave 3.

SLV, we still hold half on and will continue to hold it. But we won’t be averaging up on it. All averagings for us are only averaging downs.