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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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IF we’ve caught xoM in the earlier stages of wave 3 like I think we have…just know that we could end up with a huge gain that “could” come sooner than we’d have time to take in a year’s worth of dividends on. BUT, if that happens, then it means we made so much in appreciation that it would be the equivalent of making some years’ worth of dividends. We’ll see how it goes.

If we’re in wave 3, then we could be in the faster or stronger move within the trend, which is great for stock appreciation. And we wouldn’t risk losing crazy appreciation for any dividend amount, even as great as XOM’s dividend is.

Additionally, if we exited in a wave 3, we’d have one more shot at an eventual re-entry after wave 4 had been unfolding for a bit, to ride into wave 5 and hopefully gain some dividends. We’ll know more as it all unfolds.