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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Danell, it’s too close in of a screen shot to confirm, with too little info seen. BUT, it is possible to have a greater return if you entered later than we did or happened to be able to average down lower than we did.

When I factor in what people should be at…I try to factor in the worst-case returns rather than what might be the highest/bes returns. Just using our entries and the high ends of averaging ranges, one should have around a 10% return MINIMAL. However, as you’re seeing here today, there are many people that got double that return or close to it (some even higher) because of when they happened to have entered.

Oil was falling so swiftly at one point, that mere minutes or hours (much less days) could have had someone in at a much more favorable price than someone else. But in a worst case scenario, someone should have roughly made around 10% in under a year. A heck of a return for holding it mere months.