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I don’t put out sell orders on UWR positions just because they (Newsmax) officially control that portfolio and I don’t anymore. But I’m always happy to discuss any specific positions from UWR anytime. Also, I’ve done a video that shows my long-term views on them, here: https://logicalinvestor.net/members-only/updated-target-resistance-levels-for-former-uwr-ap-portfolio-positions/

No, the tension seems to be just between Trump and China. So, a Canadian dollar, ETF, Euro ETF, Russian company, Turkish ETF and agriculture ETF should be just fine.

FXC and ULE are doing well on the back of a falling dollar. That trend is likely to continue overall. TUR is likely going to continue to benefit from a falling dollar and stabilizing foreign/emerging market currencies. DBA is benefiting from the rise in commodities generally and rising food prices and the falling dollar.

However once these are profitable for you, you should consider exiting them and using the freed-up funds for LI positions.