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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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While history does repeat itself, markets (while similar acting to then for sure) are differernt from then in that:

Back in the 20’s, there was 10 times leverage. We don’t have that today.

There was much less public involvement back then, percentage wise, than there are today with many people participating in markets through 401ks, IRAs, etc,

Someone (a rich individual) back then could more easily influence stocks and even get by with stuff that today would be considered illegal.

Also, we have more computerized trading these days, which isn’t even controlled by humans and “has no emotion”, etc.

But as long as you’re aware of differences like that, there’s nothing wrong with reading things from the crash/depression.

Now…you know my thoughts that I believe there’s another crash coming for the overall market. It won’t be pretty. And part of it is certainly due to the actions of the Fed. Part of it is due to the emotions and inexperience of the retail investing public, etc. for sure.