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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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What me helps is the following way of working.

Option 1: When not so much online I read the forum in the browser via clicking on the Last Post time column which goes to latest message in each post as picture Sean shows.

Option 2: When actively online whole day I read the forum in my mailbox LI folder with latest messages as that reduces browsing and I only click on the link in the mail if a picture is included to go to browser. That mailbox has the read/not read visibility you are looking for.

Option 3: I tried RSS readers, search on the forum on RSS. RSS reader also keep track of read or not read. But in the end most RSS readers appeared to be not real time or not secure or not reliable concerning read/not read. So the LI email alerts are superior to all RSS readers I have seen. Especially concerning real timeliness. (which we need with volatile markets or flip-flopping NYSE decisions…)