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Ken, when I retired 20+ years ago, my wife’s retirement account was in Fidelity. Mine was in several accounts. Schwab, TD Am., Fidelity, etc. I wanted to consolidate to make it easier.
So I went with Fidelity. I have not had a problem and I do like them a lot. They always have someone to answer my questions and in general, are very helpful.
I also liked Schwab but not enough to change. I had thought about putting Somme money in Schwab or TD and use them for the Dividend Capture but as yet I have not.
I did use Fidelity’s management service for awhile but drove me crazy to let someone else to handle my money so stopped that.
Then I found Sean and his teachings through UW, AP and now through LI have helped me greatly.
As to your question on cash. I have approximately 50% in cash and that serves me. When the market corrects, there will be good proprtunitys.
God bless Sean for showing and helping all of us!