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Yep, and where did I get most of my questions about it and doubts from subscribers…and wondering if they should sell and take their losses? In both waves C and 2. The power of Elliott Waves is to KNOW the sentiment but not to BECOME the prevailing sentiment.

I bet most subscribers wouldn’t have thought that it could go from the $2’s, to the $17’s in mere months…not years. That’s a ton of doublings.

It also proves my point that value stocks, once they get going, can rocket unusually off of their lows like a beachball held under water and then let go. People don’t always believe this when they’re down (including some of my own subscribers)…yet it doesn’t make it not true. It just doesn’t “feel true” at the moment.

So, these are the lessons subscribers should learn, having gone through wave C, 1 and 2 and on into wave 3 now.

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