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Christiaan VlasblomChristiaan Vlasblom
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Got first formal CHL delisting communication from my broker Interactive Brokers. See attached.

In summary:
– Sanctions starting per January 11. Meaning no buys are possible anymore. Closes/sells are possible till November 11.
– Sanctions only applicable for US citizens. Non US citizens can still buy after January 11.
– Big list of all sanctioned securities included. Is much more than 3 telcos.

In conclusion:
– Sean’s sell alert for US citizens still stands, see his recent confirmations.
– I as non US citizen will slowly exit CHL too by riding the tops, to reduce losses, through the rest of the year in the hope that I am completely out per the end of the year.
– Chinese stocks is way too risky place to be especially with Trump’s 2nd term starting soon.
– Since all this happening last year around the China virus and China payoffs to politicians e.g. president-non-elect and son, I also think the ethical investing dimension would stop me now from ever entering CCP owned company stocks again. First the CCP must be brought to justice and cleansed. But I was too unaware of all of this when entering years ago.

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