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Anualita, the sell alerts are so there’s no guesswork involved. When I issue a sell alert, you don’t have to wonder if you should keep it or not. You’d potentially lose all of it if you kept a delisted stock that can’t be sold.

In this case, you’ve probably lost 25%-35% or so of the investment due to this stupid executive order. However, if you think you’re not going to have losers in investing, then you’d not be paying attention to what I’ve taught all along. I can guarantee them because I don’t konw of ANY professional investor that doesn’t have them. None.

By the way, in every money-making adventure…there will be losses. It’s why retail stores have to put clothing on clearance, below their costs. It’s why landlords have to repair a place from damages (purposeful or from natural disasters) or from people skipping out on rent, etc. Every way you can make money has the potential for losses here and there.

But you know what the guaranteed loss is? Being only a consumer and not an investor. That’s a guaranteed loss because no one can ever move the ball forward in life like they need only being a spender and not an investor.