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AvatarRandall Beam
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It’s not about Trump; its about a Godly platform, preserving our constitution & God’s moving in the earth through revival. God is exposing those who have been destroying the integrity of our country, tearing it down, killing the defenseless & innocent, lying media & backroom deals, selling us & our country out.

God has had enough. January will be a month of Exposure & Judgement, February a month of Justice & March a month of Celebration throughout the earth for Christians & the oppressed.

There will be a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit before the Rapture. We must stand strong in our declarations until these things are fulfilled.

Yes, God can do this no matter who is in the White House, Congress & or other Leadership, but I firmly believe this is not his plan. The longer this drags out the greater the exposure of those who have betrayed us.

We must remember that our calendar is not God’s calendar.