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Sean, Because I see that currently there are three threads are active on CHL I will post this reply on all three for consideration by our LI family –

My question to Schwab – So my question is can CHL CHINA MOBILE LIMITED SPONSORED ADR be held or traded by Schwab on the Hong Kong Exchange? I ask because of the Presidential Executive order due to go into effect next week. So am I good with Schwab?

Their answer – Clients are able to trade on the Hong Kong exchange over the phone with a foreign stock broker. My foreign stock trading specialists can be reached by phone at 800-992-4685. Their hours are Sunday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern to Saturday at 1 a.m. Eastern.

I will be attempting a transfer from Webull to Schwab only after they confirm that it would execute before close of business on Monday and the Foreign Stock Trading Specialists confirm they can also be traded on the Hong Kong Exchange.

Will update after the 5:30 PM call.

Peace, Pastor MichaEl