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There are no dumb questions. Thanks for getting my book.

Stockcharts has a place on its site where you can screen for one of the dymanics of the strategies via the bottom Bollinger Band being hit.

Here’s the one for NYSE stocks: https://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.scan?s=I.Y|TSAL[t.t_eq_s]![t.e_eq_y]![as0,20,tv_gt_40000]![tc1_ge_ac1]![tc0_lt_ac0]&report=predefalli

And here’s the one for NASDAQ stocks: https://stockcharts.com/def/servlet/SC.scan?s=TSAL%5Bt.t_eq_s%5D!%5BT.E_EQ_N%5D!%5BT.E_NE_O%5D!%5Bas0,20,tv_gt_40000%5D!%5Btc1_ge_ac1%5D!%5Btc0_lt_ac0%5D&report=predefall

Keep in mind, just because it shows up on these lists doesn’t mean it fits the strategies in the book, but it’s a starting screen you can use. Also, you can click the top of the volume column twice and it will rank them from the top volume stocks to the lesser ones. Avoid illiquid stocks.