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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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Yep, I warn…not to incite fear because fear is literally from the devil. And fear resides within the mind mainly to mislead one from making good decisions.

So, why do I warn? Exactly why Clarence said: So that people know AHEAD of time what’s coming. Most financial sources don’t give a heads up ahead of time. They give it as its unfolding or after its happening. That’s too late.

Secondly, it’s so that people know not to be in the overall market and to have some cash on the sidelines…

Thirdly, so that if someone has outsized profits in an LI position and they want to take that profit, they know ahead of the fall in stocks.

Yep, the inclination is going to be to go with your own thought processes but there’s nothing rationale about that. Who takes their own lesser experienced thinking over that of someone who does it as their full-time job and someone who’s been watching markets for 25-30 years? Only the emotional, but not the rational. By the way, when are people most apt to be emotional? In downtrends, particularly in wave C, but really, all along the way. And also in wave 2 of an uptrend because that dip doesn’t “feel like” an uptrend, it feels like another dip within the former downtrend.