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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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I teach you the “whats” and “whys” behind it all. So you’re learning all along the way. You’re not just left to a secret formula, etc.

What we should be doing with our portfolio is what we are doing with our portfolio. There’s never any guesswork.

NOK is so cheap, it’s like a call option that never expires.

You shouldn’t buy puts in an uptrend. And I can’t recommend calls.

All positions are value and some “could be” defensive because they have been historically. Those are: KHC (because of the stay-at-home theme and because its food/basics of life), SLV, PPLT, GDX because metals can be great hedges against a falling dollar and falling stock market. FXY historically does great when stocks fall. I’ve noted this on all of these positions in newsletters and weekly videos. I’ve been clear about it. So I’m not sure why you’re not clear about it if you’re viewing those videos regularly and reading the newsletters. But the above are the potentially defensive positions.

What you’re dealing with is the “feeling” and I can’t change the feeling. I can only notify you of the facts. That’s what I do in those videos/newsletters and daily on the forum.