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I am a big fan of critical thinking. But to be fair, you have encouraged us to let you do a lot of that thinking for us when it comes to our stock portfolio – I’m ok with that. I do my own research but normally find myself coming back to what you originally said.
…That being the case, I am beginning to need some clear focus on what, exactly, we should be doing with our LI portfolio….
After recent comments you made in the Nov newsletter I not only bought GDX and NOK but I also bought calls (out into 2022). Now there seems to be increasing discussion about how the market has a huge bubble and will be pulling back.
Can you be specific regarding what defensive stocks we should be buying positions in, which we should buy calls in and if possible/necessary(?) which we should buy puts in? Or for that matter, a full strategy in stocks and options would be nice. Could you also break down whether each of our stocks in the LI portfolio are defensive or value?
Thanks in advance as all this discussion about a market pull back is making me nervous.