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Sold at ~8.5% as I missed “ the bottom. Yet I’m so pleased to bag a year’s profits in less than two weeks! The dividend will round it up to ~10%.
Thank you, Jesus!
What leadership,, Sean!

For any readers of this, I’m up triple on my portfolio over the past three years. Many of you may have performed better, but are you up ten-fold over the last decade?

I have been reading Proverbs in the Old Testament in the Bible many times and just making little notes in a blank book at whatever stood out. A chapter a day. It’s free. That’s it. Would you try it? Learned it from a patient who wasn’t even doing it, but told me that a stalled no-name dude tried it and became a bestseller. Later he tried and totally changed his trajectory. I got on this the first time he told me. My rocket was already off the pad.