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You’re welcome. The good thing about how we buy (buy at a point of value and in a pessimistic environment) and then average down with very wide averaging down points…the asset never has to trend higher ever again, for us to make good money on them.

For instance, for most people to make money on USO, they have to believe that oil trends higher. That oil goes to new highs, etc. While that “can” happen. It doesn’t “have to happen” for us, in order for us to make money because of how we’re wise about how we structure our buys over that of how most people buy.

Most people go “all in” at one point. Pros/institutional investors don’t do that. They know better. They know they’re not likely to “call bottom”. Therefore, they expect prices to go lower than their entry point and when it does (8 to 9 times out of 10), then they can buy more and lower breakeven costs. A much wiser way to invest.