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That’s all in the email that I sent you when you signed up. Here’s a recap:

There are only two brokers I’d recommend: 1) Ameritrade.com or 2) Schwab.com

I’d suggest starting with no less than $5,000 but I’m sure some have gotten started with less. Before investing any money in our portfolio picks, watch this video first: https://logicalinvestor.net/members-only/my-complete-investing-system-how-to-allocate-your-money/

And watch this video to find out where everything is located on the site (monthly newsletters, portfolio, weekly videos, etc). https://logicalinvestor.net/investing-basics/getting-started-quick-tour-of-the-website-how-to-use-it/

Whether you open a regular taxable account or a tax-deferred account is a conversation you’d probably want to have with your broker. You can invest in Logical Investor stock picks through either.

Any other questions, feel free to ask. Some of the details your broker will have to tell you though, concerning your specific situation.