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Hi all!
I still had IBM from last time (I wasn’t paying attention when you guys sold–my fault! or when you bought again–mia culpa!). However, I did buy it today (I hadn’t seen the sell alert before I bought), but I thought it was a good decision at the time for two reasons: 1. It was 20% lower than when I first bought it, so I was making an averaging down move. 2. It is still a fundamentally sound company. If it drops another 20% I will buy again to average down. I probably will be buying when you all buy again. Hopefully my break-even will be much lower and I can get out when you all do!

Like Sean says, “You really need to pay attention during these volatile times!” Even though I lost out before, I feel good about the decision even though it is dropping simply because it is still a sound company and it allows me to average down. But I thank Sean because I’m not panicking that it has gone down. I think I’m getting in the right mind-set mentality even if I missed out due to my negligence.