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Randall: I know this is a harsh reality, but most pastors are broke. And that’s because they don’t fully understand the counsel of the Word of God on the topic. It’s one reason why I wrote my book, The Six Keys To Financial Success…because there are so many biblical financial principles that I’ve never heard preached from a pulpit or encouraged by a pastor that’s in the Bible, that we’re supposed to be doing.

Bob: BTU did go under. It remains to be seen if RIG does the same. Oil’s wave 3 and wave 5 could do wonders for RIG. For instance, RIG was up over 9% today with oil only up 3% and with it being likely in the very early stages of wave 3 for oil. RIG is still only in wave 1. So it’s got a wave 3 and 5 advance even after wave 1 is done.

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