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Thanks, I always read it to be on the gross, but I’ve heard a couple of messages stating it’s on what you take home, which I never could understand. After you pay tax, health insurance, HSA, extra Life Insurance, etc. your tithe would be considerably less.

I’m glad that you are helping people prepare for retirement. Many retired people pay in excess of 50% of their retirement income in medical insurance/medical expense. Many retirees receive less than $1900.00 a month in SS payments if they have had to take early retirement due to health reasons. SS is taxed by the Federal Government & most States. Many 35 year olds may feel like they have plenty of time before needing to get serious about retirement savings, but even if SS is still around when they retire; it will provide one little drop in a very big bucket.

Nursing home care can easily cost $8,500.00/mo.