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I have a question about tithing on stock investing profits. If the $’s for the investment came from a 401K, then the base amount may or may not have had the tithe already paid. I know some church’s say to tithe on the take home and others on the gross pay.

So narrowing our discussion down to just the profits earned on stocks. I look at my stocks as one pile of money, some of this money rolls over from year to year, so the only time I would really know what my profit would be is 1) when I completely close out of the market or 2) the profit would be determined after my death & in my will I would specify a tithe be paid. I personally believe I will be Raptured before dying, which would be a reason to make a stipulation in my will.

Since I might make 15% this year & lose 10% next year and the year after that, I could handle it like you do income tax. I suppose that you could work your stock tithe like taxes, except taxes are paid in arears, where as tithes are paid as first fruits.

I would love to know how some of you handle this; please share your thoughts.


PS: Included this in the IBM thread since tithing is mentioned above.