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Sean HymanSean Hyman
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I’d not suggest almost 20% of your account being in speculations. If you want that to be 1% or 5%, etc. maybe. Just a suggestion. GTXMQ has debt that’s multi-fold that of its market cap.

We sold GLD a while ago.

Goldman/Citi don’t know if the dollar will drop a certain %. But it is likely to continue to drop over time, which is great for many positions that we hold.

LI positions are fine to hold with the market the way it is because they’re some of the few pockets of value. I’m glad you’ve got high cash positions in a high risk, high P/E market. When valuations go to extremes, your cash levels should likely be at extremes too.

UVXY seems to go down less than SPXS, yet enjoys nice upside like SPXS when stocks overall go down. But any short trade is statistically more likely to work out in a downtrend (buying after rallies within a downtrend) rather than top-calling.

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